Open Ticket Distribution: What’s Next For Open Marketplaces

May 5th, 2023
Ticket distribution is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the rise of open ticket distribution. This approach maximizes ticket sales by reaching sports and live-entertainment fans wherever they are digitally. As the industry evolves, new methods, partnerships, and outlets are emerging, contributing to the growth and success of various ticketing companies.


Open Ticket Distribution (Origins & Key Benefits)

From Traditional Ticket Outlets To Digital Marketplaces
Distribution has come a long way since the days of retail outlets in the back of record stores. We have shifted to open marketplaces, where multiple providers can sell tickets through various channels. This was fueled by the NFL's 2017 move to an open marketplace, allowing many new players to come into the market as secondary ticketing providers.

Selling More Tickets Through A Variety Of Platforms
Meeting fans on platforms they are already engaging with; Open ticket distribution has enabled organizations to sell more tickets through a variety of platforms, offsetting the fees lost from not selling directly through official marketplaces. Mobile event ticketing enables vendors to create ancillary revenue streams and monetize unsold seats before and during events.
Open Distribution (Why Does It Matter?)
Globalizing The Sports & Live-Entertainment Ticketing Industry
Open ticket distribution is breaking down barriers and connecting fans to events on a global scale. Open ticket distribution is connecting sports clients' tickets with foreign buyers, further expanding the reach of major sports and live-entertainment events. Innovative mobile event ticketing is helping meet the changing needs of fans in a globalized marketplace.

Incorporating Team Sponsors & White-Label Software
The rise of open ticket distribution will present no shortage of new opportunities in the market. Another aspect of open distribution is the potential for team sponsors to become involved in selling tickets. As primary ticketing companies take a step back, some may operate like white-label software, providing the infrastructure for other entities to sell tickets.

Unlocking Inventory Opportunities & Maximizing Value

Founded in 2012, Pogoseat is revolutionizing the ticketing industry by giving sports teams and live-entertainment venues the tools they need to unlock inventory opportunities. Pogoseat’s proprietary platform maximizes the value of every ticket and offers fans better experiences with unparalleled flexibility by selling tickets in ways that align with their unique buying preferences.

Incorporating Team Sponsors & White-Label Software
Pogoseat has partnered with some of the world's most notable brands to provide innovative, cutting-edge technology in an industry experiencing rapidly changing fan behavior. By working with Pogoseat, these brands can access a wealth of expertise and state-of-the-art tools to stay ahead in the competitive world of ticket distribution as they meet and exceed fan expectations.
Pogoseat & The Future Of Open Ticket Distribution

Pogoseat has a proven track record of building innovative ticketing solutions that elevate fan experiences. Before the days of easily accessible APIs, teams and venues often managed inventory using spreadsheets amongst other tools. This was far from efficient and often had a negative impact on fan experiences. Pogoseat’s nimble nature has enabled us to innovate quickly and avoid the bureaucracy and slow decision-making processes that often plague larger organizations.

Over the last decade, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to pivot quickly and develop solutions that enable promoters to engage those hard-to-reach fan segments. When it comes to reaching the next generation of fans, pioneering technology like our Text-to-Buy solution has proven invaluable to promoters that need to attract fan segments making last-minute decisions. 

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Embracing The Future Of Ticket Distribution

Open ticket distribution is undoubtedly shaping the future of the sports and live-entertainment ticketing industry. Ticketing companies can maximize ticket sales and connect with new fans on a global scale.

Pogoseat's pioneering platform and technology are at the forefront of this revolution, empowering sports teams, live-entertainment venues, and notable brands to navigate the changing landscape and continue to delight fans around the world. As the ticket distribution industry continues to evolve with digital technology, it's important for organizations to stay ahead of the curve and begin embracing the opportunities that open ticket distribution presents.

By partnering with Pogoseat, you can access the tools, expertise, and support needed to thrive in this exciting new era of ticketing. Using Pogoseat, you can tap into SMS conversion rates as high as 76%.

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