Boost your event revenue instantly.

Pogoseat’s white-label ticketing solutions can boost your event’s incremental revenue and enhance the fan experience, fast-tracking your road to innovation.

Meet the changing needs of fans and provide them with flexibility by selling tickets in ways they prefer to buy.

It’s time to get creative.

Connect Pogoseat with your ticketing platform instantly

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Up to 50% of seats are unsold

Sold-out events are rare, leaving you with extra capacity, inventory, and lost revenue.

Fans want flexibility

Provide your fans with flexibility to personalize their live-event experience and attend when and how they want.

Pogoseat creates new ancillary revenue streams and provides a full arsenal of tools to refine your ticketing technologies

Seat Upgrades
Turn unused seats into up to 60% more revenue.
Monetize unsold seats both before and/or during events to create new revenue streams. Our dynamic pricing tool helps keep you in control of your inventory.
Don't look for tickets, let the tickets find you.
Reach the next generation of fans via text message or social media. Complete the sale entirely through messaging in under 7 seconds.
Subscription Pass
Build more flexible subscription products.
Offer fans a more flexible approach to attending live-events without the obligation of traditional season ticketing.
VIP Experiences
Expand your offerings.
Make it easier for fans to buy exciting VIP experiences and merchandise, and make your event more than just an event!

Here's what integrating Pogoseat looks like

  • Deep integration with your existing systems
    Leave the hard work to us. Our team will integrate directly with your existing systems and use industry best-practices.
  • Superpower your ticketing experience
    Consistently innovate and stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technologies to meet the changing demand in fan behavior.
  • Maximize revenue within your app
    Integrate Pogoseat’s mobile SDK into your existing mobile app and unlock real-time upgrades, experiences, and other innovative features.
  • Zero maintenance
    Pogoseat auto-manages inventory and events. Our customer support handles game-time issues, so you don't have to.
  • Automate everything
    No more importing CSV files. The Pogoseat platform handles everything, from real-time inventory syncing to back-office reconciliation your ticketing operations team will love.
  • High security
    PCI compliance and tokenized payments to provide airtight bank level security.

Connect Pogoseat with your ticketing platform instantly

Using a different or custom ticketing platform?
Ask us how to integrate.

The Pogoseat dashboard

Manage the details of your events and offers from the Pogoseat platform.
Map your users’ activity
Discover how fans use your tickets. Find out who’s upgrading, where they're moving, who’s subscribing and who’s making last-minute decisions.
Complete control
Manage events, price rules, rewards codes and more. Control every detail of your event from within the platform. Control platform access with custom roles and permissions.
Track revenue live
Event reporting occurs directly within your back-office system. Use the in-depth view at users to build a list of active leads and target them with future offers.

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