Subscription Pass

Offer fans a more flexible approach to season tickets.
Start generating new MRR with custom subscription products and Pogoseat’s Pass technology.
Revolutionize season ticketing
Flexible and easy ticketing that fans want
Reduce the number of no-shows
Younger fans want flexibility and require access on-demand. With 92% of millennials having one or more active subscription service, Pogoseat make it easy for your organization to set up a similar offering.

How Subscription Pass works

Revamp your season ticket offering.
Fans are looking for more flexibility when it comes to choosing how and when they attend events.  

By separating the seat location from the Pass, teams can optimize inventory by assigning seats at the last minute, and fans can experience a different seat every game.
Increase revenue via new ticketing features.
Easily extend your platform’s functionality and add new features to ticket sales, increasing revenue and enhancing the fan experience.

Create auto-renew subscriptions that fans can cancel anytime, add guest tickets, link passes with other subscribers, access upgrades and ticket returns when fans can’t attend.
No more no-shows.
No-shows are an ever present problem. When traditional season ticket holders don’t use their tickets their seats are left empty and you lose control.

With Subscription Pass, fans can only claim tickets if they attend the game.
“Pogoseat's Pass technology was exactly the right platform we were looking for to reach new audiences in a simple and efficient way. It allows us to create new revenue streams and collect actionable data on our fans. It's about as easy as it gets for our fans.”
Eric Marglous
Director of Ticket Operations
Houston Rockets (NBA)

Integrate Pogoseat into your platform in under a week.