Student Ticketing

Remove the friction of ticketing. Offer students instant access, last-minute offers, extra rewards at different tiers and a whole suite of additional features.
Reach students via text with 98% open rates
Affordable tickets using tiers of passes
Flexible subscription products that students will love
Make your events stand out with the Pogoseat suite and enhance the ticketing experience with offers, subscription passes, and instant access.

How Student Ticketing works

Streamline ticket access.
Use Pogoseat’s Subscription Pass technology to streamline the way students access tickets. Leverage text-messaging and  send instant alert when tickets are available to claim. Offer seat upgrades, guest passes, and more.
Create demand with cost-effective offers.
Customize different types of student programs by offering incentives to build long-term relationships. Allow students to link passes with each other so they can enjoy the game sitting together.
Drive sales with custom offers.
Generate student sales with great value tickets. Provide fans with a Pass solution that is most suitable to their needs by adding on food and beverage offers to drive cross-sell and maximize revenue.
Also included with
Student Ticketing
  • Web & mobile integration
  • Sponsor activation
  • Apple & Android Pay
  • iBeacon support

Integrate Pogoseat into your platform in under a week.