Flexibility is key. How do you give fans what they want?

Text them.

There’s no denying that college students are an invaluable audience to the live entertainment industry. From their busy class schedules or binge study sessions, students don’t have the time to schedule their weekends a month in advance. The entertainment industry acknowledged this and adapted years ago––did your school offer discount tickets to local live events?

The problem is…

The old student discount doesn’t fit the 2021 student.

What do students want today?

The “modern day fan” is looking for immediate and quick access to live events. Don’t expect them to go on a website to find your discounted student tickets, have the tickets find them.

Text them.

Tell them directly about your event. They are more likely to open their texts than an email, and they’re MUCH more likely to read their texts than go on your website to find tickets.

Invite them at the right time.

No more planning weeks in advance. No more sectioning off a part of the nosebleeds for students.

Give them 48 hours to get a group together for a discounted rate. Take the seats that didn’t sell and convert them into profit. Make your live-event better than the party they’re missing.

Take charge.

Text them about merch deals and upgrades during the event. Help them make the MOST out of their college experience.

Where do you start? We got you covered. IT’S TIME TO GET CREATIVE!

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