Why use SMS marketing?

Text-messaging is the new email.

1. It’s Simple

Text-to-Buy is simple. SMS marketing provides professional sports teams and live-event venues with an uncomplicated yet engaging way to connect with fans. It doesn’t get much simpler than sending a text.

2. It’s Personal

Consumers have a very personal relationship with their phones. Text-messaging provides an immediate, more intimate way to have a one-to-one conversation with your fans.

3. It’s Highly Targeted

With your fans' permission, they will be more receptive to interacting with your brand via text, just like they do with their family and friends. Our advice is to NOT overdo it. Fans don't want to be swamped with unwanted texts.

4. It Outperforms Other Channels

SMS Marketing boasts open-rates of 98% vs traditional email open-rates of just 20%. This is greater than other digital marketing methods; SMS topples email, Facebook, and push notification.  

5. It’s Easy to Implement, Manage, and Track

Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technology! You know exactly who you are messaging and, because of that, you can capture highly specific data about your customers including demographics, interests, purchase history, and more! Proving marketing value is the holy grail for every marketer, and SMS Marketing, if properly integrated into your CRM, allows you to measure real-time performance of your text messaging campaigns — even mass texting can be tracked with proficiency.

Why use SMS Marketing? Why not!

Use Text-to-Buy as an integrated part of your digital and mobile marketing strategy. Text Marketing is a highly effective and friction-free for both fans and your brand. If these reasons have convinced you to include Text-to-Buy as part of your mobile strategy, please get in touch with us today!

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