Two-Way SMS vs. One-Way SMS: Which Is Better For Event Ticket Sales?

January 15th, 2023
Are you utilizing two-way or one-way text messaging as part of your SMS marketing strategy? When marketers begin to explore the possibilities of this channel, they are often torn on whether to pursue a two-way or one-way text messaging strategy. While both types of messaging come with advantages, what is the best solution for driving event ticket sales? Let’s dive in deeper.


Two-Way SMS vs. One-Way SMS: How do they differ?
With one-way SMS messaging, you can send texts to recipients - but they are not able to send any back. While this is often useful for event notifications and general information, one-way SMS can often struggle to drive prospective ticket-holders toward conversions. For prospects to move down the sales funnel, you must create room for nuance. This is where two-way SMS comes in.

Two-way SMS allows room for personal engagement and gives prospective ticket-holders the ability to ask questions. This is essential to filling prospects with confidence and moving them closer to conversions. With instantaneous replies to prospects, conversational SMS is uniquely placed to act as an extension of your ticket sales desk and actively drive conversions.
How does two-way SMS offer superior engagement?
Typically, during a one-way SMS text message blast, prospective ticket-holders have three different options for interaction and engagement:

• Click on a link in a text to purchase tickets.
• Read the text, digest the information, and ignore it completely.
• Opt-out of future text messages by unsubscribing.

During two-way text message conversations, prospective ticketholders usually have four different options for interaction and engagement:

• Ask a question about the ticket offer.
• Purchase tickets for the event.
• Answer a question posed by the SMS bot.
• Opt-out of future text messages by unsubscribing.

The conversational SMS offered by two-way text messaging can help to swiftly address any questions potential ticketholders may have. When an unanswered question is preventing a sale, a trained two-way SMS solution can confidently provide an answer and get the prospect over the finish line. It is the perfect way to accelerate your sales ticket pipeline without more agents.
When are one-way SMS text blasts useful?
From general event information to coupon codes with special offers, one-way SMS text blasts have their place. When it comes to driving conversions and encouraging transactions, this cut-and-paste, one-size-fits-all approach often falls short of driving conversions. To support transactional communication, you need a two-way SMS solution in your corner.

While one-way text messaging is occasionally useful for ‘link-to-buy’ - it is unlikely to convert prospective ticket-holders with unanswered questions about the event experience. Research shows that for every additional step after clicking a link, you are losing potential customers. Sure, you will convert a few people and land a handful of ticket sales - but you won’t capture those with burning questions that remain unanswered. This is why conversational SMS is so powerful.
Why leverage Pogoseat’s Text-to-Buy solution?
Pogoseat’s Text-to-Buy solution offers tremendous upside to professional sports teams and live-entertainment venues with hopes of unlocking more ticket sales revenue from SMS as a marketing channel. With a full range of text message templates to choose from and an integrated payment gateway, your team can spark engaging conversations with prospective ticketholders without lifting a finger.

That’s right, our solution will converse back-and-forth with prospects and gradually move them through your sales funnel. The best bit? Prospects can complete transactions inside the text exchange. Having the flexibility to buy event tickets at the very last minute aligns with changing consumer behaviors and helps to engage hard-to-reach fan segments, such as millennials.

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