AI Chatbot

Pogoseat’s AI chatbot seamlessly integrates with your existing conversation strategies to reach a new generation of fans.
Answer customer questions quickly, and complete ticket sales and upgrades from within the conversation.
Boost fan engagement
Generate revenue within conversations
Innovate with cutting-edge technology

Connect with 2.7 billion users

Connect with over 2.7 billion Facebook users, utilizing Facebook Messenger. Automate conversations with anyone, anywhere.

Use cutting-edge technology

Our cutting-edge technology makes it easier for fans to purchase tickets. Engage a more diverse audience and turn data into intelligent action.

Using Chatbots to boost sales

Create a new marketing channel.
Reach new and existing fans on messaging platforms they already use.

Enable fans to purchase directly through chat in a fun and engaging way, just as easy as messaging a friend.
Instantly create a new revenue stream.
Strategically manage inventory, and sell alongside your box-office,  driving real results to your bottom line using Pogoseat’s Upgrade technology.

Integrate Pogoseat into your platform in under a week.