Partner Case Study: Vegas Golden Knights

Success is already out there

Success is already out there

The Vegas Golden Knights (NHL) have been huge advocates of Pogoseat’s last-minute Text-to-Buy solution.

”Pogoseat has been a great partner. Its text-ticketing platform has been great for us looking to reach new audiences in a simple and efficient way and drive revenues. It has never been easier for fans to purchase tickets to our games. Their full integration with AXS is key to making our program so successful," Vegas Golden Knights’ VP Ticketing & Suites Todd Pollock said.

“I was really delighted with the ease of getting tickets for the Golden Knights - being notified of available seats, previewing different seats, having my tickets delivered directly to my AXS account,” VGK fan Jill Davison said. “I live and work just a few blocks from T-Mobile Arena, and have a demanding schedule. This is the perfect solution for downtown professionals who never quite know when they may be able to make a game until the same day.”

The Golden Knights wanted to offer a ticketing option that would provide value and flexibility to fans. Utilizing recommended marketing efforts from Pogoseat, the Golden Knights ran consistent campaigns to drive registrations and sales. Offers were segmented to allow for personalized targeted offers to the right fan, and at the right time. Vegas Golden Knights increased year-on-year revenue by 80% with Pogoseat’s Text-to-Buy and attracted close to 20k new fans.

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