New Partnership: Winnipeg Jets (NHL)

Pogoseat partners with the Winnipeg Jets

✈️ Exciting News: Pogoseat Partners with Winnipeg Jets (NHL) for Last-Minute and Student Rush tickets! 🏒

Starting this season, Pogoseat will power BOTH the Winnipeg Jets' Last-Minute and Student Rush programs respectively, providing fans with unprecedented access to adrenaline-pumping NHL action at unbeatable prices.

📲 Pogoseat's cutting-edge technology ensures a smooth and user-friendly mobile ticketing experience. No more fumbling with links to click and the cumbersome process of buying tickets – your entry to the game is just a text away!

🎓 Student-Friendly Pricing: Get ready to cheer on the Jets without breaking the bank! The new Student Rush program offers exclusive discounts on tickets, making it easier for students to catch the Jets live in action.

🤝 Enhanced Fan Engagement: This partnership goes beyond ticketing. Pogoseat's platform will enable the Jets to engage with their student fanbase like never before, offering unique in-game experiences, promotions, and exclusive content.

🔥 Spontaneous Game Nights: Forget the hassle of planning weeks ahead. With Pogoseat, students can seize the moment and decide to attend a game on the fly. It's all about embracing the spontaneity of being a sports fan!

🌐 Accessible to All Students: Whether you're a die-hard hockey enthusiast or a casual sports follower, Pogoseat and the Winnipeg Jets are committed to making live games accessible to all students, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Don't miss out on this game-changing partnership! Grab your student tickets now and gear up to witness the Winnipeg Jets deliver thrilling performances on the ice. Get ready to experience the roar of the crowd and the thrill of victory – it's game time! 🏒🔥

*Note: Ticket availability and discounts are subject to terms and conditions. Check the official Winnipeg Jets website for more details.

🔗 Student Rush:

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