3 Reasons why SMS outperforms Email marketing

Thinking about using text-messaging to reach your audience?

Thinking about using text-messaging to reach your audience? Are you tired of running email campaign after email campaign and still coming up short? Has your live-event venue been impacted by the pandemic? You’re not alone. Hundreds of businesses across the world are utilizing a text-message marketing strategy to reach their audience, and it’s working. These businesses have seen an emphatic response to their text marketing strategy.

Why is it working?

Here’s a couple of key data points to consider:

  1. People open their texts. 98% of text messages are opened. (Campaign Monitor)
    No more being filtered to a spam folder.

  2. People actually read their texts. 90% of texts are opened and read within the first 3 minutes of receiving it. (MarketHire)

  3. Consumers are excited by it. Over 75% of consumers enjoy receiving promotions and brand messages via text. (TechJury).

Times have changed, expectations have changed, why shouldn’t live-entertainment? Traditional methods of buying tickets will remain but it is important for any businesses to stay current and evolve. More and more businesses are adopting a text-messaging strategy to engage with fans in a more meaningful way.

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