Pogoseat + Signal 360 Integration

Signal 360

Pogoseat + Signal 360 Integration

Unify Signal 360 with Pogoseat, creating a streamlined conduit for enhanced proximity marketing and personalized attendee interactions, all with a straightforward integration process


Foster Close Connections with Attendees via Signal 360 and Pogoseat Integration

Utilize the powerful combination of Signal 360’s proximity marketing (beacons) with Pogoseat’s technology to be able to personalize and deeply engage fans with compelling location-based offers. This integration empowers you to deliver targeted communications, offers, and content directly to your fans’ devices based on their location and behavior, ensuring relevancy and timely engagement. Craft an event space where every message, alert, and interaction is contextually pertinent and valuable, heightening attendee satisfaction and engagement through thoughtful, localized communications.


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Integrate Pogoseat into your platform in under a week.