COVID-19 Resources

Give fans security by offering smarter ticketing features.
We are focused on reassuring fans' health concerns through ticketing features, dedicated messaging, and protocols to help mitigate the risk for fans returning to live events.
Innovate to meet new challenges
Engage with fans through messaging
Contactless ticketing for touch-free access
COVID-19 has made our ticketing vision more relevant and urgent than ever before. To meet these challenges, organizations must innovate, invent, and redefine themselves.

Fans are depending on technology more than ever as we head into a fast-changing future. Our technology trends can help you set your course

How Pogoseat can aid your event recovery, post-COVID

Recoup revenue lost across the pandemic.
Pogoseat’s suite of innovative products provide clients with the tools they need to recoup lost revenue as a result of the pandemic through an optimized ancillary strategy.
Keep fans connected.
As our industry begins to welcome back fans, we’re trying to rebuild the togetherness that makes live events so special.

Keep fans safe and in the loop with “Know Before You Go” messages sent via bulk text.
Move to 100% mobile ticketing.
Implement touch-free access control with mobile ticket scanning. Reduce reduce long queues at gates with timed-entry tickets. Reduce fraud risk by moving from barcodes to dynamic QR codes.

Integrate Pogoseat into your platform in under a week.